Rules for Kayak Division


1. All decisions made by the executive tournament committee are binding.

2. Eligible species are spanish mackerel, bluefish and speckled trout.

3. All fish will be weighed at EI Wildlife Ramp 6800 Emerald Drive, Emerald Isle NC.

4. Scales will open at 1:00 pm Saturday, September 21, 2019.

5. Entries must be in line to weigh and be recognized by a member of the executive tournament committee no later than 4:00 pm Saturday, September 21, 2019.

6. Spanish mackerel must be 12 inches minimum FL, bluefish must be 12 inches minimum TL, and speckled trout must be 16 inches minimum TL.

7. Weigh-in procedures will be discussed at the captain’s meeting.

8. In the event more than one fish of the same weight are brought in, the fish entered first will be the winner.

9. All fish weighed in become the property of the tournament.

10. Tournament is captain’s choice.

11. Fish in the Kayak Division may be transported to the scales via kayak or auto.

12. Only one (1) prize per entry.

13. Prizes are based on weight of the fish, not length.

14. Fish subject to review by the executive tournament committee.

15. Fish must be caught by rod & reel.

16. Fish brought to weigh-in must not be mutilated, cut, speared, etc. The only marks acceptable are gaff holes. All hooks must be removed.

17. Kayaks in tournament are limited to Carteret and Onslow Counties.

18. All official times will be determined based on GPS time.

19. All complaints must be submitted in writing to the weigh master within 1 hour after the last fish weighed on Saturday, September 21, 2019 with a $200 cash deposit. If the protest is not upheld, the deposit becomes property of the tournament.

20. It is the captain’s obligation to follow USCG, NCDMF ,NCWRC, state and federal regulations.

21. A kayak may not be replaced after 9:00 pm on Friday, September 20, 2019.

22. No entries will be accepted after 9:00 pm on Friday, September 20, 2019.

23. All participants entering are subject to a polygraph exam.

24. Boat numbers must be displayed at the weigh station.

25. Any kayaks seen congregating during competition time may be disqualified.

26. Any kayak violating tournament rules will be disqualified for the entire tournament.

27. The angler MUST accompany any fish to be weighed in.

28. Kayaks will not be allowed to tie up at weigh-in area.

29. All kayak division entries should be represented at the captain’s meeting.

30. All activities will take place at EI Wildlife Ramp, 6800 Emerald Drive, Emerald Isle, NC.

31. Kayak division prizes are guaranteed.

32. No checkout is required: No lines in the water before 7:00 am Saturday.  

33. All sponsors and committee members are eligible to participate in the event.

34. In the event the tournament is canceled and not rescheduled by the executive tournament committee in 2019, all entry fees, less 10%, will be refunded within 45 days. The tournament will announce via social media by 7:00 pm Thursday, September 19, 2019 if weather or other issues lead to a cancellation or other schedule changes.

35. Executive tournament committee will monitor VHF channel 72 and will be available by phone at a telephone # to be provided at the captains meeting. 

36. Executive tournament committee reserves the right to refuse an entry into the tournament.

37. A signed sworn affidavit will be required of each individual who places a fish in competition for tournament prizes. Once affidavit is signed, the weight presented on the form is final. All protests shall be made prior to signing the form if the individual does not agree to the weight at that time.

38. Kayaks in tournament are limited to foot pedal, paddle & electric motor power. No gas motors allowed.

39. The tournament reserves the right to photograph any and all activities and to use those photographs for publicity on various media.

Revision 6…Dated 9-13-2019

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